10+ Signs You’re Ready To Have Kids

Most pet owners – particularly of cats and dogs – will tell you that it’s like being a parent of a furry child, and that’s why getting a pet together is a huge step for couples.

Most pet owners – particularly of cats and dogs – will tell you that it’s like being a parent of a furry child, and that’s why getting a pet together is a huge step for couples. It shows you can care for something with shared responsibility, as well as ‘raising’ something together if you’ve got a puppy or a kitten!


2. And Suddenly You Want The Responsibility

A lot of couples go through that phase of wanting no other responsibilities so that they have the freedom to do what they want, when they want, together, such as partying or spontaneous vay-cays. For some people, this feeling never goes away, but for others, it can change to suddenly wanting more responsibility – like a pet… or a child.

3. You’re Both Dropping Hints About Kids

You might not have had an outright conversation about it, but you might be dropping hints like salt bae drops.. well, salt. You might have seen a cute kid out and about and said ‘aw they’re cute aren’t they’ and then gauged your partner’s reaction. Or you might have said you want kids ‘some day’ and they’ve agreed.

4. Or You May Have Given Each Other Meaningful Looks


You can tell a lot about a person based on the way they’re looking at you, particularly if it’s your partner. So if you’re both dropping hints about kids and then giving each other ‘the look’, it could indicate that you’re saying (without actually saying it), “Sooo… are we having kids or not?”.

5. You Find Yourself Staring At Pregnant People

Not in a weird or creepy way (or at least we hope not) but you’ve suddenly found yourself taking more of an interest in pregnant people you see out in public. They might have been invisible to you before because the idea of kids just wasn’t on your radar, but now you’re seeing pregnant people everywhere.


6. You’re Thinking What It Would Be Like To Be Pregnant

To take it one step further, you might have actually spent time pondering what it would feel like to be pregnant. You might have started looking at your stomach in the mirror and poking and prodding, thinking about what it would be like to be carrying a baby, or thinking about the best ways you’d stay comfortable when pregnant.

7. You Might Even Have Started Taking Active Pregnancy Prep Steps

Nothing ‘official’, but you might have started scouting out for maternity clothing stores nearby, or maybe deciding to check your maternity or paternity clause in your work’s contract – just so you know what you’d do, hypothetically, of course… until it’s not hypothetical.


8. You Both Enjoy Spending Time Around Children

This one is always going to be a good sign, if you simply can’t get enough of being around children. You may find yourself interacting more with kids and babies in public if they make faces at you or wave, or you might be the first to volunteer to babysit your loved one’s kids.

9. And You’re Actually Great With Children

Of course, enjoying spending time with children doesn’t mean that you’re necessarily good at it. So it always helps if you’re actually fantastic with kids and get along swimmingly. This bodes well for when you have children of your own and know that you’ll be confident in bonding with them!


10. You’re Suddenly Thinking Differently About Bad Habits

Have you been a lifelong smoker suddenly thinking about quitting because you’re realising it might harm the baby? Or have you decided to cut back on alcohol or switch to a really healthy diet because you want your body to be in its best condition, subconsciously because you’re considering a healthy pregnancy?

11. You’ve Always Been Surrounded By Kids And Family – And You Love It


Some people grow up in huge families, with brothers and sisters and then becoming an aunt or an uncle when they start raising their own brood. You’ve always had loads of family members and young kids around you growing up, and you can’t imagine your life without that.


12. You Don’t Mind The Mess That Comes With Kids

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