Chuck Norris Is ‘Real Softy’ & a ‘Family Man’ — He Drives a Truck, Cares for Grandkids & Helps Disadvantaged Kids

Action movie star, Chuck Norris, is most well-known for the hit TV series, “Walker, Texas Ranger,” which aired from 1993 to 2001. He played Cordell Walker on the TV show.

Action movie star, Chuck Norris, is most well-known for the hit TV series, “Walker, Texas Ranger,” which aired from 1993 to 2001. He played Cordell Walker on the TV show.

Norris portrays a tough guy on screen, and in most of his films, he plays characters who are either police officers or soldiers. In real life, the megastar was an air police officer with the United States Air Force.

Martial artist Chuck Norris during Wizard World Comic Con Philadelphia 2017 – Day 3 at Pennsylvania Convention Center on June 3, 2017 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania┃Source: Getty Images

He constantly works alone when acting off his once real-life career onscreen as a law enforcement officer. The film legend has a lone-wolf approach when it comes to his movies.

Norris has become such a formidable public figure that jokes are going around about his roundhouse kicking. The 101 jokes about the star include the notion that he does not sleep but instead waits.

That when he does pushups, he is pushing the planet down. He does not wear a wristwatch because he decides what time it is. And that he makes onions cry. He said once that he does make “onions cry.”

Australian TV presenter Karl Stefanovic tested the theory years ago while interviewing the “Walker, Texas Ranger” alum at his home for the Nine Network’s breakfast program, “Today.”

The journalist was filmed wearing a white t-shirt with Norris’s face on it with the words: “When I slice onions, onions cry.” After cutting the onions, Stefanovic rested his head on the TV star’s face, who then embraced him.

Norris Is Different in Real-Life

Norris is “an undefeated six-time World Karate Champion and an absolute boss.” Growing up, he was reserved and an average student and did not participate in sports. He was part of the football team but was not good enough for the coach: “The coach wanted those aggressive types. I just wasn’t one of them.”

Norris comes from a poor background with interracial parents, his father, a Cherokee Indian, was an alcoholic, while his mother was Irish. He and his siblings were raised by their mom for the most part.

At school, young Norris was tormented for being mixed race, which affected his self-confidence. That experience made him eager to become “strong” enough to defend himself. He said he wanted to “beat up the bullies.”

After graduating from high school, the Oklahoma native joined the Army and learned karate there. He was stationed in Korea.

When speaking about the tough act he is known for onscreen, Norris said he finds the “macho stuff” weird because people tend to make him out to be bigger than he is. He stated if a man approached him from behind and demanded that he give him his wallet, he would because it would not be worth the risk of losing his life.

One day at a New York eatery, a woman told Norris that he had saved her and her husband’s marriage. The unidentified woman revealed that when she and her spouse get into a heated argument, he will cool off by watching his movies. “Glad to be of service,” said Norris.

“The Delta Force” star admitted that he rarely eats at French restaurants. “Don’t go in much for sauces. I eat my big meal at lunch, and that’s usually pasta and vegetables.”

When at home, Norris is said to be a different person as he is a “family man and a real softy.” The martial artist is married to businesswoman Gena O’Kelley – the couple shares two kids – son Dakota and daughter Danilee.

Norris also has two other sons, Mike and Eric, whom he shares with his former first wife, Dianne Holechek. He is a parent to an older daughter named Dina, too.

Norris and his family live in a sprawling Lone Wolf Ranch where he drives a truck and has an alligator in a pond. Norris got candid about how far he had come since coming from a low-income family. He revealed he and his loved ones used to sleep on the floor growing up as they had no bedrooms.

“You learned to appreciate things in life and not take things for granted.”

How Norris Spends Quality Time with His Family

Norris enjoys working out with his two black belt kids in his downtime. In March 2022, he posted a photo in action with one of his karate students outdoors and wrote: “Training hard and feeling good!”

Apart from acting and martial arts, the Hollywood star is also into health and fitness and co-founded a bottling company, CForce, with his wife. He advertised the artesian water in August 2022 while stepping inside his gym and noted to fans that it is crucial to drink water.

In January 2022, Norris shared on social media that by starting the year, he would focus on his fitness and maintaining good health. The father of five has also gotten his kids involved in fitness routines.

In June 2019, Norris’ son Dakota shared a picture of him and his father in their gym. He penned that he enjoyed “filming with my dad.#TotalGym.”

In June 2020, Dakota celebrated his parent on social media on Father’s Day, accompanied by a snapshot of the father-and-son duo playing around:

“#HappyFathersDay to the best dad I could have ever asked for.”

Norris turned 82 in March 2022, and despite his age, he still looks as fit as ever. He joked that he was, in fact, “50 with 32 years of experience.”

Norris also makes time for his stunning wife of 24 years. He posted a selfie of the couple beaming at the camera while standing outdoors and deemed O’Kelley his “wonderful” spouse.

They also go on date nights and, together, visited San Francisco in September 2017, where they went to The House of Prime Rib for dinner. Norris praised the manager and the establishment’s service on social media, alongside photos of the duo’s evening.

Two months later, “The Expendables” star shared a picture holding his wife. The lovebirds wore tank tops for the outdoor outing on the ranch.

Norris and O’Kelley have a horse ranch on their property. In November 2016, he showed off one of the horses outside, pictured alongside his wife and kids for the “Total Gym shoot.” In April 2018, the actor gushed about his spouse as the two were pictured embracing in a horse stall:

“Gena’s more than my wife. She’s also my best friend and business partner. We are blessed to live, love, and work together.”

The family patriarch also supports his kids, who have followed in his martial arts footsteps. On July 29, 2021, Norris posted on Instagram about one of his “proudest moments” when his son and daughter were awarded “the 5th Degree Black Belts, and I put their new uniforms on.” The twins earned their Master Rank, making both their parents exceptionally proud.

Norris and O’Kelley were honored to present their kids with Master certificates and dressed up for the occasion. His brother Aaron also joined the family of four onstage for the ceremony.

In November 2016, Norris shared a photo of Dakota rubbing shoulders with “Aquaman” star Jason Momoa at the beach and revealed that Momoa was working on a movie.

“The Hitman” star also has quality time with his wife and kids, and they all have family dinners. He once posted a family group photo showing him and his loved ones enjoying a meal at a restaurant.

The Norris family also went to Phantom Of The Opera in August 2015, and the doting father and loving husband shared an image of them smiling while at the arena in San Francisco.

Other social media uploads by Norris include him and relatives relaxing at home with him having his feet on the table while on the couch.

In November 2015, Norris’ son Mike, posted an image featuring him, his dad, and his older brother Eric donning tees while beaming with their arms wrapped around one another.

In November 2016, Norris expressed gratitude for his loved ones alongside a family group photo. “With family and friends. I am blessed,” he wrote.

The “Code of Silence” star is also a fun grandparent. In May 2015, he divulged on Facebook that he had helped his “granddaughter Leilani practice rollerblading.”

Norris is also a granddad to Chantz, Chloe, and Cash. He shared a group picture with them in April 2018 and revealed the family was at dinner at the Montage Laguna Beach.

For Easter celebrations in March 2016, Norris spent the occasion with more of his grandchildren, Dustin, Melia, and Leilani, at the ranch.

Besides spending time with loved ones, Norris is also an avid traveler and goes on adventures with his wife. In May 2022, the couple traveled to Santa Cruz, and he shared they had a blast, alongside a picture of them embracing next to the ocean.

O’Kelley and her husband traveled to Kauai in October 2017, and he said the location was “paradise and beautiful,” In May 2017, the pair wore matching black ensembles for the wedding of their dear friends.

That same month, Norris and the former model jetted off to Ljubljana, Slovenia, and took a photo on a balcony overlooking the city’s magnificent views. O’Kelley constantly supports her husband in his projects, and she is his partner in most of them.

Norris has a well-coordinated family, as they all gather very often, and he also shows support for even his nieces and nephews. In June 2015, he and O’Kelley attended their niece “Brayden’s High School graduation” and expressed how “proud” they were of her.

In August 2017, Norris and the mother of his kids joined their daughter-in-law in Dana Point with the grandchildren and stated the significance of having loved ones:

“Family is very important to us.”

His Other Passion

Aside from family, Norris is also passionate about helping others and giving them hope. He and his wife run a foundation called KickStart Kids, a charity assisting disadvantaged children and troubled teens through the discipline of karate.

For more than twenty-five years, the admirable couple has given a leg up to more than 90,0000 children throughout the United States.

When talking about the foundation close to his heart, the “Missing In Action” star expressed that it is his life’s destiny to make a difference in kids’ lives.

“It’s my mission in life, really, and eventually, one day, God willing, I’m going to have it all over the world. I want it in Australia. I want it everywhere,” said Norris about his plans for the foundation.

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