These Are the Top 10 Most Popular Gifts of 2022

As polled by our editors, Google, and Amazon reviews.

The time has come. The holiday season is officially in swing, Christmas shopping is at its peak, which all means one thing: we can officially release the list of the most popular gifts of 2022. We reviewed our gift guides, polled our editors, consulted Google's Holiday 100 List, and read through allllll the Amazon reviews to curate this list of 2022's most popular gifts for Christmas and beyond.

A mix of trendy new picks and best-sellers throughout the years, 2022's list is better than ever. It includes the newest products that caught our eyes immediately as well as our own favorite gifts from years past that we can't go a day without. While there are a handful of splurges on this list, the vast majority of these picks fall under $50, so no need to fret about the budget. We also picked for everyone in the family, from the kiddos to the grandparents. So get those shopping fingers ready, friends.

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