Top 10 Biggest Houses In The World: Going Big And Going Home

Master bedrooms stretch to nearly 10,000 sq ft, while bowling alleys, 100-car garages, and multiple pools are just the tip of the iceberg. And really, what is a big home if you can’t invite over 5,000 people to enjoy your banquet hall?

Villa Leopolda, France — 80,000 sq ft

Villa Leopolda, France — 80,000 sq ft

The French Riviera is known as a stunningly beautiful location with jaw-dropping views and gorgeous water. It’s also known as a playground for the wealthy, and Villa Leopolda might be the perfect manifestation of that thought.

With 19 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms spread across the main building and two guest houses, there is more than enough space for all of the fun you can imagine.

If the interior doesn’t do it for you, step outside and dip in one of the 12 pools, walk through the extensive gardens, or check out the commercial greenhouse.

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